ABA provides dedicated support for all students,
ranging from academic advice to help in developing study skills.

How we support our students

ABA is committed to providing students the support they need to make the most out of their studies. Your Student Support Officer (SSO) is your first point of contact for any questions, concerns or help you may require.

ABA operates a dedicated Student Hub; this allows us to support all students equally and to ensure we always respond quick and effectively. Students are encouraged to stay connected with their designated SSO who will support you throughout your studies with us*

*Designation of SSO can change at anytime without prior notice in particular, when continuing to next year or progressing to a higher-level programme. ABA holds the right to make changes to SSO designations.

What support do you require?

Academic Advice

Request academic advice such as change of circumstances / status, transfer arrangements, resuming studies, withdrawing or suspending from studies, including advice on any financial implications.

For all change of circumstances and status changes, please email
For all financial implications, please email

Careers & Employability

As a student at ABA, if you wish to programmes in your chosen sector, start a business or are looking for a career transition. The Careers & Employability team are here to support you through every step of the way.

The Careers & Employability department aims to -
1. help students develop necessary skills required to be successful in the work place
2. Maximise the student's awareness surrounding career and job opportunities
3. Empower and encourage students to take risks and think out of the box to create opportunities, with a focus of building up their confidence levels

Confidential Personal Support

For students experiencing domestic difficulties, family issues or relationship concerns, the Student Services team can offer in-person or virtual one-to-one sessions. Confidential support is also available for students with a disability or a condition that impacts their studies.

To speak with someone from the Student Services Team, please contact your designated SSO, who is your first point of contact. Alternatively, please email or visit the Student Hub at Campus.
To speak with someone from our Disability, Inclusion & Welfare Unit, please send us a confidential email to alternatively, please visit the Student Hub on Campus for a meeting to be arranged.

Laptop Loan Scheme

For students requiring a loaned laptop purely for education purposes, at ABA we offer the Laptop Loan Scheme that students may be eligible for. This scheme is managed by the IT support team and allows students to be supported from as resource aspect to enhance their academic attainment and ensure they are not disadvantaged in their programme of study.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Confidential wellbeing support is available at ABA to all students including access to one-to-one sessions where students' have the opportunity to discuss personal circumstances impacting studies. ABA frequently runs wellbeing workshops and events, helping our student body to look after their mental health. The team works closely with students to build an individual support plan, offering any guidance and sign posting to any external support services that are accessible including mental health and counselling services.

Study Skills Support

We welcome students from different backgrounds, all with varying experiences and requirements for developing their academic and study skills. As an institution, we would make available sufficient materials in a number of ways, including classrooms, webinars, one-to-one sessions and a comprehensive library of digital resources. Students and staff would be provided access to any of these resources directly through our digital learning platform or alternatively, speaking to a member from the relevant programme team.

It Starts at the Top

Our senior managers meet regularly, and student progress and welfare are always top of their agenda. They discuss learner progress at length. What does this mean for our learners? Well, it means their experiences (positives and areas of improvement) are being taken seriously and that everyone within ABA is working to the achieve the best for everyone.

Need to report a Safeguarding or Welfare concern?

Our dedicated Safeguarding & Prevent team are at hand to look into declarations and matters brought to their attention with urgency and ensure necessary actions and steps are taken to put the individual in the right direction as quickly as possible.

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Student Welfare Team

Our Student Welfare Team are dedicated to our learners’ progress. They can meet our students confidentially to discuss anything that is a challenge. Equally, they can be referred to by our tutors to support in any issues that need more input.

Policies and Guidance

We have put in place a number of key policies and structures that govern how we deal with matters of concern. These include our Student Protection Plan, our Covid-19 plan, our Safeguarding Policy and our Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy.

View our Policies

FREE Exclusive Access Development Plan Available for all our Students!

All of our students receive free access to our exclusive personal development plan – GROW. This series of online sessions and free materials has been developed in-house and aims to give all our students the very best chance of success.

More information on GROW coming soon.