We’re with you, every step of your journey...

What we’re

It’s very simple – we’re about giving people opportunities for fresh careers. Life is a journey, and we don’t always make the best choices. We don’t judge our applicants.

But we do expect all our learners to be motivated to study with us and equally as passionate. We have many strengths, but our key ones are our supportive culture, our own experiences in business and education and our well-established industry networks.


Our mission.

To engage, educate and empower our learners to achieve their potential through technical proficiency, integrity and professionalism.


Our vision.

A vibrant hub of learning and entrepreneurial endeavour, delivering future skills that set our students apart from their peers.


Our values.

Equality and integrity, continuous improvement and monitoring,
positivity, fun and happiness.

Where are we Based?

ABA is located close to the heart of the financial hub of London, the Canary Wharf and adjacent to the Sustainable City Exhibition. From September, we will be relocating to a new state-of-the-art campus – also in Canary Wharf. For off-campus study, we have made significant progress in developing an online learning platform and suite of tools that provide learners with excellent remote interaction.


Learning while doing – practical and realistic learning experiences


Course content that covers the latest in professional thinking


Excellent course delivery using practitioners that are passionate about their field


A supportive learning environment for all our students through our  team

Our vision
for learning.
We like to keep things simple.
So, we have 4 key beliefs that underpin everything we do