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Meet this months winner
Gabriela Ciolan
Meet this months winner

Applied Business Academy (ABA) celebrates individual achievement through a Student of the Month Award Programme by sustaining a culture of learning that values academic success and upscales awareness of student contributions. This reward scheme has been designed for ANY STUDENT in current studies at ABA, regardless of academic ability, can be considered for nomination.

Nomination Criteria
Members of the recruitment, admissions, and student finance department are not allowed to participate in the Student of the Month Award scheme.

The following departments / functions may nominate a student by completing the necessary form online each month. -     
Programme staff-    
 Support Staff (Student Services, Registry, IT, Safe guarding etc.)

Any nominations will require the submitter to select reason from criteria listed below (multiple can be selected) and a written explanation support the selected criteria(s) will need to be provided. Despite the title of the award scheme ‘Student of the Month’, student contributions for consideration are not limited to a particular start and end date i.e. January only.

The criteria for nominating a student for the Student of the Month Award is not limited to but can include any of the following:
  • Leadership
  • Exemplary character
  • Significant progress in learning
  • Personal development
  • Individual achievement
  • Outstanding attitude/disposition
  • Marked improvement in grades or outstanding grades
  • Notable consideration and support towards others
  • Student community involvement and service
  1. All staff (excluding those not allowed to nominate students) are emailed at the end of each month requesting to nominate students that can be considered for the particular month award.
  2. A nominations shortlisting panel meets once a month to review nominations received for the particular period. A mutual consensus amongst the panel members takes place and the winner of the month is decided before drawing the panel to a close.
  3. The winner is formally notified in writing by thePrincipal at ABA during the first week of the following month.
  4. Winners of the Student of the Month Award will be celebrated during the following month after the announcement i.e. throughout the month of February, the winner for January will be celebrated. To express gratitude, every winner will be recognised in the following ways:
    a.   Announcement of winner made public on ABA website –including name and bio.
    b.   Publicly promoted on campus, photograph displayed on site showcasing the winner for the month.
    c.   The awarded student will also receive a £30 Amazon GiftCard* as a prize of successfully winning the award^

    ^Any gift card offered as part of the award scheme can beremoved at any time, Applied Business Academy holds the right to cease thisincentive without any prior notice.
  • Although the nominations shortlisting panel decides on the winner, Student Services may reject the panel’s decision because of disciplinary issues, attendance concerns, other pending concerns. In this case, the panel will be requested to consider another candidate.
  • A student who has been awarded the Student of the Month Award once will not be able to earn the award again
  • Nominations can be carried over from month to month if required and re-nominations are welcome
  • Only those who win the award will be recognised; other nominees will not be disclosed publicly however, they may be congratulated in written or in person confidentially for reaching the final shortlisting panel meeting and motivated for next nomination as re-nomination sare accepted

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